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Colour Guard

Colour Guard

The London Police Service Colour Guard was founded in 1979 by Constable Rodney Pickering. Constable Pickering was a retired member from the Coldstream Guards Regiment and a serving member of the London Police Service. He brought to the Unit the knowledge, training, and professionalism to form the Colour Guard into the only ceremonial unit completely composed of sworn police members. The Unit was formed with the vision of promoting the London Police Service community-minded outlook enhancing the Service's ideals of professionalism and pride. The Unit operates today under his Coldstream Guard Regiment's philosophy of "Second to None".

The Colour Guard is a voluntary unit presently composed of 18 members. The membership is drawn from all areas of the Service. The Unit comprises flag bearers and escorting riflemen bearing operationally restored Lee Enfield rifles with bayonets. The Guard participates in parades and ceremonies involving military functions, civic celebrations, and community gatherings.

The Colour Guard's uniform is the most conspicuous difference between it and other ceremonial units in the country. The Guard wears both white tunics, designated as summer dress, and blue tunics. The white tunics were derived from the British Naval uniform. The blue tunics, and parade forge caps, have been adapted from the Coldstream Guards Regiment located in Britain.

The Colour Guard has participated in an assortment of celebrations held in the United States as well as Grey Cup parades, Tattoos in Ottawa, Kitchener, and Hamilton, and has been a major participant in both the Ontario Police Memorial and the National Police Memorial functions held throughout the years.

The Colour Guard represents the Statement of Values of the London Police Service providing the highest possible degree of excellence based upon fairness, integrity, honesty, and respect for human dignity.

Any questions about the Colour Guard, or requests for the use of the Colour Guard should be directed to the Executive Officer at (519) 661-5959.